Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wine Cabinet Update!

Those of you who have been around for a while will remember my ravings about the new wine cabinet I ordered from Kitchener Wine Cabinets and the various delays etc etc.

The deadline came today and I called them, only to discover it has already been despatched to their Brisbane depot and should arrive at our place around Wednesday next week. Just in time for my vacation! I will be able to devote some time to installing it and stocking it and updating my records of my collection (?).

Kitchener says "Each cabinet loses capacity for four bottles on the top shelf to make space for the condenser unit. For example, the KG252 bottle number is derived from: (32 bottles X 6 shelves) + 64 base shelf - 4 for condenser = 252 bottles." Let's hope they are right!

I don't know whether I have bought a big enough cabinet. I have just used their wine storage calculator and I am a bit worried. Oh well, I can always get another!


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