Friday, May 05, 2006

Weekend wine or wine weekend?

Hey, did you join the Wine Society and try to win a trip to France? I'd love to know if you did.

I can’t decide whether to have a weekend wine or have a wine weekend. I think I have had a few too many wine weekends of late, so I need to enjoy a quieter weekend and have just one or two nice wines…..I sound so sensible and rational, don’t I? Well it sounds good anyway! However, the truth of the matter is that, as I am a little snowed under at the office, I will be working most of Saturday.

Shock, horror! The first thing my better-half said was ‘you poor dear, is there something I can do to make things better for you?’ – yeeeeeeeeah riiiiight!!! – and then I woke up. Actually the first thing my wife said, caring soul that she is, was ‘Oh no, does this mean you won’t be able to cook for us on Saturday?’. Always thinking about me!

All of which brings me to my plans for dinner on the weekend! I have promised that I will once again chain myself to the stove and slave for hours preparing some gourmet delight! (If I can do that, it may be a first). In all honesty I love cooking (I have only really been doing it for a couple of months)! I think there really is something soothing about playing with sharp knives and with fire (yes, I will seek help!). I have no idea what to cook. I will have to ‘surf’ to find some new recipe and then head to Zone Fresh or Rode Road butchers on the way home tomorrow.

What wine to have?? My two cartons (24 bottles) of the 2004 Oomoo McLaren Vale Shiraz (see Guzzler Update #2) arrived at the office this morning. By lunchtime I had already lost 3 bottles to snooping staff members. I will have to have another bottle either tonight or Sunday night and then plan for a special wine to go with dinner on Saturday. (TWC, are you coming this weekend?)

I will let you know tomorrow about the Saturday dinner menu. Do you have any favourite recipes or suggestions? Let me know, and give me the wine suggestion as well. Yeah, I know, I am getting lazy and expecting you to do all the work, aren’t I? Yep!


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