Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wine Cabinet - ongoing saga

Around 8 weeks ago I, very excitedly, ordered a new wine cabinet that will hold 252 bottles of wine. One of the el-cheapo wine fridges from Big-W bit the dust after only 6 months. I have been counting down the days until its arrival.

I ordered from Kitchener Wine Cabinets and when I ordered they told me there would be an 8 week lag - I almost cried! Well, I have waited for 8 weeks and when I hadn't heard anything I called Sam (from Kitchener) and he told me it would take another 4 weeks. Apparently they have had a huge backlog of orders to fill and have lost some staff recently, which has put them further behind.

I am not angry at them - I am just a tad melancholy - bordering on sad, depressed, suicidal even. Ah well - if I can't store my good wines I will just have to drink them faster!!! Yee Hah!!


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