Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pinot and the Treasurer (or 'Pinot & Pete')

It was Budget night. I sent the staff home earlier than usual, locked up the office, went home played with the kids for half an hour before their bedtime and then sat down to a lovely veal in a wholegrain mustard sauce dish that the better half prepared.

We tried a bottle of the
Tyrrell's Vat 6 1999 Pinot Noir (I only have two bottles left now) with the meal. Usually we forego alcohol mid-week but, as it was Budget night, my wife suggested we open a bottle. I was in a good mood so I said "sure" although I suspect she simply wanted any alcohol (as long as it was in sufficient quantities) to try and help her get through the night with me watching the Federal Treasurer (Peter Costello) strut his stuff in Parliament, then the ABC and other shows.

We both enjoyed the intense rasberry aromas (along with the familiar mouldy? type smell of pinot). There were rasberry flavours as well. Although I am just an amateur I don't believe there could be much improvement left in this wine. It was dinking beautifully and I will make sure that I don't let the other two lie around too much longer.

Anyway, here we were enjoying the wine, until the Budget speech. How much money did they have to throw around? It was a huge Budget - and an election is still at least 18 months away! There was so much money being thrown around by the government in tax cuts, access to superannuation lump sums (now 100% tax free), an unlimited number of funded child care places etc that I cannot remember my second glass of Pinot. In some ways I feel that Pete stole it from me when I wasn't looking - just like a politician!!


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