Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wine Cabinet - STILL NOT HERE!!!!!!

For those who have been reading from near the beginning will recall that in a previous post I mentioned how excited I was to have ordered a 252 bottle wine cabinet on 16 February 2006. It was supposed to take eight weeks because they are manufactured to order.

After 8 weeks I contacted them and was told it would be another 3-4 weeks. Well I contacted them again yesterday and was told another 2 weeks, at least. Well, I have the razor ready and it is approaching my wrist. Not really! However I am mildly frustrated.

I think there must be an accountant behind their method of operation (ie only manufacturing to order). It makes sense, from their point of view, not to be carrying (and have money tied up in) unwanted completed units and raw materials. I think accountants call this the JIT approach with JIT supposedly standing for Just In Time. However this can only work if things are done ON TIME. In this case JIT may as well stand for Just In Trouble.

When I was looking at wine cabinets I looked at a number of options. There are some very good units on the market and the prices range dramatically. When looking for a larger storage unit I tried to steer away from the wine 'fridge' (of which I currently have two working) that is available via K-Mart or Big W.

I looked at Transtherm & Vintec as they were recommended by the Wine Society of which I am a very casual member. I also checked out Liebherr who appear to have one of the biggest ranges. Liebherr and Transtherm appear to be at the more expensive end of freestanding cabinets. You can get you cellar custom-built if you have the room by someone like Wine Cellar Innovations.

This is a photo of my cellar! IN MY DREAMS! Not only do I think I could not afford this one, I am sure my "better-half" (I have to stop calling her the 'Leader of the Opposition' because she has discovered my blog and has been reading it) would not allow me to take up this much room for a wine cellar.

If you are in the same boat a better alternative might be, if you want a wine cellar, rather than simply a free-standing cabinet, to try Centaur Cellars or Wine Ark (who have both options available) and from memory were somewhat less expensive than Liebherr and Transtherm (at least I am sure Centaur was - at around $16 per bottle capacity).

In the end I went with Kitchener Wine Cabinets for three reasons. First of all they are made in Australia (I am sure of this) from components readily available here (supposedly) by an Australian owned business. Secondly was the cost. The Kitchener Wine Cabinet works out to be just over $10 per bottle capacity (eg a 252 bottle unit costs $2800) as compared to anywhere from $16-$35 per bottle for some of the others. Thirdly, their smallest size was the 252 bottle and their standard unit holds 410. Whilst the units may not have the aesthetics of some of the more expensive brands I am not concerned as it will be kept under our house. By the way, these units are lockable!! Important for keeping any teenagers out when you are away.


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