Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend Wine! Laughing Magpie!

As mentioned on Friday, I worked yesterday and did not have much time to prepare for dinner. I had a bottle of 2003 D'Arenberg 'Laughing Magpie' Shiraz Viognier that I wanted to try. So I went the quick and easy option. I bought a small standing rib roast (2 ribs only) from Zone Fresh, took it home and cut it in two to make two thick rib on the bone steaks.

I also fried some garlic, onion and mushrooms added some wine, reduced slightly and then cream (extra light) for a lovely creamy sauce. I also prepared a potato gratin variant with some onion and instead of using cream I simply used chicken stock - fantastic!

The "Laughing Magpie" (from McLaren Vale - where else?) was very good. We really enjoyed it. The tannins appeared to be well balanced (really? what would I know). You could tell there were tannins and you had that dry taste but it was not overpowering and there was no "pucker" factor (I have learned a little about that from
one of the Wine Girl's blogs. It certainly doesn't seem as vibrant (if that's a good description) as a straight McLaren Vale shiraz but there a complexity to the taste that is extremely enjoyable. Will definitely keep for a while yet (I have another 4 bottles left - yippee!)

By the way, I better make it clear that I do NOT come from the McLaren Vale region! The way I rave about the wines from there, one would be excused for making that assumption.


Anonymous TWC said...

What would you know? Ahem.

This is what Charlie Wagner had to say about that:

“If a wine doesn't appeal to your palate, it’s not your wine.”—Charlie Wagner (founder of Caymus Vinyards)

3:29 PM  

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