Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wine with Phil

My older brother, Phil, was up from Canberra for a few days last week. On Thursday some of the family came over and we had roast dinner. We had eye fillet roasted in a base of onions and in a sauce of shiraz and soy sauce.

With it we had

Taylor's Shiraz 2004 (Clare Valley)
We started with the Taylor's and it certainly had a varietal and regional nose. It was a dark red and somewhat aromatic with spicy plums on the nose and another pleasing note that I just could not describe (it was just out of my grasp - sorry). The palate was commensurate with the nose and had a certain richness to it and fine tannins.

I forgot to give it an overall score out of 100 (because the family was gabbing about different things) and felt I couldn't give an honest overall score after I had scored the individual parts, so no score out of 100 (please don't take me to see Jabba). Scoring the components (I took myself off to a quite corner) I scored it 17.5/20. Phil thought I was being a bit miserly seeing as how the bottle carried 4 silver medals!

Chateau d'Armailhac 2002 (Bordeaux) - 12.5% alcohol
I found the wine to be dark red with berries, maybe a touch of soy sauce and some vegetals on the nose. I also found the nose to be somewhat closed. The wine was well structured and finely balanced with a moderately rich palate and quite dry on the finish. I must say I was a little disappointed - but this might be because I was so looking forward to the wine.

I originally gave it an overall rating of 86-88/100 and when I scored the individual components I came up with 17.5/20

The Wine Journal said
"At en primeur in Apr-03: the nose is muted: some dull earthy notes. Like Le Petit Mouton: very tannic but with a little more complexity. Black tarry fruits and cigar box notes. Quite dry on the finish. Again a little charmless. (18/25) Then after bottling at the UGC in Oct-04. A very sweet blackcherry nose with scents of iodine and Morello cherry. The palate has a svelte texture, certainly softened in the interim with moderate concentration. Blueberry, cranberry and tar. Quite linear on the finish but otherwise this is a fine sensuous Pauillac to consume over ten years. (19/25) Tasted again in May-05. A soft, supple nose that lacks a bit of character. The nose is very plush and toasty, overtly modern with a velvety sheen. No rough edges here. Fine, it lacking typicity or a sense of terroir. (19/25)"


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