Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hardy's Tintara Cellars Shiraz 2000 (McLaren Vale)

On Friday night's I look forward to coming home from the office and selecting a decent wine to have with dinner.

Last Friday I turned up a
Hardy's Tintara Shiraz 2000 (McLaren Vale). The label suggests it should be best drinking in 2006. The label says 14% alcohol.

The wine was a medium red and clearly ageing toward a bricky (sic) colour. It exhibited fruit aromas that were not quite berries and not quite plums with some pepper or spice. There was also a hint of burnt toast (?). The wine was medium bodied with good fruit flavours and a gentle finish and drinking well, but with probably not a lot of time to go. Length of flavour was moderate. Very enjoyable I rated it on an overall basis at:


and rated the components:


I was really concerned with my scores as it seem the last few wines have been really close in their scores and I was wondering if I was kidding myself. I didn't post the note over the weekend because I thought maybe I was wrong and should wait a week or so and try it again. That, and the fact that I have had a huge weekend with the boys and a big night Saturday at a surprise 40th for one of my friends.

I have just had a few minutes to myself and I picked up Halliday's 2006 Wine Companion and found this note:

"Tintara Cellars Shiraz 2000 - light to medium bodied; black fruits, leather and spice. Rating 87 Drink 2010"

I am feeling much better. I have either got it right or have fluked another one - either way I am feeling better. The best part is that it was not just the score that was similar but the fact that I was having trouble trying to identify any specific fruit and Halliday just says black fruits.

I really have learned something from this, as my original handwritten notes from Friday night show under "Nose" the words 'berries' and 'plums' crossed out. This is because I initially wrote berries when there was a strong fruit aroma. I knew the wine was from McLaren Vale and I thought 'it must be berries'. In other words, I was influenced by my perception of the region and past tastings of shiraz from McLaren Vale. I crossed it out because on second smell I realised that I could not just say it was berries when I couldn't really identify the aroma. I was most pleased when I saw Halliday's note saying 'black fruits' which I take as him not being able to identify any particular fruit aroma.

Obi-wan (if this is how you spell it - I have never had to write it before), the tasting helmet exercises are starting to pay off - thanks!


Anonymous The Wine Commonsewer said...

I know what (sic) means. But what does it really mean, er, ah, stand for? Literally.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Cam Wheeler said...

Check out the wikipedia article for more information

4:27 PM  
Anonymous The Wine Commonsewer said...

Thanks Cam. Like duh. Never occurred to me to just say, hey, Google is my friend. :-) (smacks himself in the forehead with the palm of his right hand).

3:50 PM  

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