Monday, May 08, 2006

Chateau Reynella 1997 Basket Pressed Cabernet Sauvignon

With all this talk about the Wine Society recently I recalled that I had a bottle stashed away somewhere that I had received from them in one of my two cases per year deal of mixed reds. When I receive a dozen bottles from the Wine Society it is usually two bottles each of 6 different wines. This is a good way of doing things because occasionally you get a real 'cracker' in the case. When you do, you usually go straight back downstairs and put the other bottle away somewhere. This is what happened and I remembered it on Sunday.

On a couple of occasions I have received a couple of bottles of the Wine Society's labelled wines in this case. These are ones that the Society believe are worthy to carry their name and have negotiated a special price with the producer. The one I was looking for was the Chateau Reynella 1997 Basket Pressed Cabernet Sauvignon.

I did some research on Chateau Reynella because the use of the word "Chateau" is not all that common in Australia. I found out that
Chateau Reynella was the birthplace of the wine industry in South Australia.

To go with the wine, my 'better half' (you remember her? I used to call her the Leader of the Opposition until she found my blog and began to read it) and I shared the culinary duties and produced a lamb roast with roast veggies. Very simple, but wonderful.

The wine was superb! I think it could have withstood another couple of years of bottle age but I prefer to drink them on the young-ish side. Remember, it is always better to drink a wine too early and appreciate its potential than to drink it too late and lament its demise. There were plumb and chocolate aromas and again on the palate with a touch of smokiness (may have something to do with the charred barrels). I could drink this any day of the week!

I recall attempting to buy more at the time I drank the first bottle. However, it is apparently a member favourite and sold out quite quickly. I will now have to try and find some more.

Both the Chateau Reynella and the Laughing Magpie we have had this weekend rated relatively well with me (I don't have an objective measure, although I can start to see the need for one) and I would quite happily purchase them again. I must also add, for Rob's benefit, that yes both bottles passed
Robbie's Rule of Thumb test.


Anonymous Priscilla Warren said...

It was interesting to come across this post as my family established Reynella wines in South Australia. I now live in Europe and will be moving back to Australia again shortly, one of my main objectives is to visit the South Australian vineyards with my Grandmother of the family Reynell.

I appreciate that the wine passes your "Rule of Thumb"!

Priscilla Warren

7:22 PM  
Blogger Mal said...

Priscilla, thank you for takin gthe time to leave a post on my blog. I am so sorry for the time it has taken to respond to it. I have not really been blogging for over a year now. I have my own accounting practice with 8 staff and it has been demanding more and more time, leaving precious little for the more pleasant pursuits. You should be proud of your part of the Reynella heritage as it is a famous part of the wine culture in SA and indeed Australia. I hope you enjoy your trip to Australia.

7:40 PM  

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