Thursday, May 04, 2006


You have heard of the Great Barrier Reef. Now we are having the Great Barrier Feast! It is in its 5th year and is being billed as the 'ultimate food and wine weekend in the ultimate tropical location' - Hamilton Island (just off the Queensland coast, Australia).

It is 3 days (from 9 - 12 June) of indulgence and it looks like a chance to rub shoulders with some of the influential people in the food and wine industry in Australia and attend cooking and wine tasting classes. There are banquets on two of the evenings prepared by the guest chefs. Check out the

Sounds great! I have not investigated the price of the event but, it may be what keeps me from going - Oh that and the fact that I have already booked to take my family away to Burleigh Heads for a week at that time AND booked in for a wine course that I mentioned in
Wine Course. Maybe YOU can go!


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