Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Grange Sighting!

I mentioned in my last blog I recently received the monthly Vintage Cellars newsletter called Cellar Press. On the front cover was a photograph of a bottle of Grange. Hallelujah! My first Grange sighting for the season!!

Vintage Cellars will have it on sale from 1 May at $499 per bottle or $899 for two with a limit of two per customer. I can hardly wait!! (see my post of 2001 Grange is almost here)

I am perplexed at how Vintage Cellars can have it on their newsletter saying it will be in all their stores when other stores have not even heard of their allocation. How is this possible? Does Vintage Cellars get an inside running? Or have they just taken a punt that they will receive enough to do it?

Has anyone seen it cheaper? Please comment and tell me whether you have.


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