Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rob - The Grange Hunter!!

You met Rob in my last post as the originator of Robbie's Rule of Thumb. I can't speak too badly of Rob, as I have just received a phone call from him. He is on the hunt for the stellar wine - Grange Hermitage.

He read my post and didn't want to wait until Monday 1st May, having lived through the awful time at the release of the 1998 Grange when you just couldn't get any, so he went 'on the hunt'.

He called me because he had just located some at had already purchased 4 bottles for me and 4 bottles for himself. His call has prompted this impromptu post! I hope none of you miss out!!

By all accounts this Grange is supposed to be one of the better vintages of this superb wine and it just so happesn that 2001 was the year in which the Leader of the Opposition and my eldest son was born.

Go out and get 'em!!! Thanks Robbie - Grange Hunter!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just tried "Robbies Rule of Thumb" and up punted the 2001 Grange - probably the ultimate test.Amazing!! A very deep sculpted orifice suggesting a superior quality wine. Rob is a true genius and obviously more than just some yobbo!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Mal said...

Yeah! Thanks for the comment Rob - Sorry, I mean Anonymous!

7:37 PM  

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