Monday, April 17, 2006

Wine or food?

I got a shock this morning when I checked my blog and found the Google ads were food related rather than wine related. Obviously lately I have been writing more on food than on the wine. I apologise!! I guess that the two go hand in hand very well – a love of wine and a love of food. Also, I have been enjoying experimenting in the kitchen lately and have simply been writing about what I have been doing. Well, back to the wine!

Tonight we are going to drink a bottle of Evans & Tate Margaret River 2001 Shiraz. The 2003 version of the wine does not appear in the 2006 Wine Companion, however if I recall correctly Halliday rated the 2001 (or was it the 2000?) 92 or 94 (out of 100) and as one of the best wines under $15 at the time (I think around 2003/04). It must have been a huge vintage because I was buying it for ages after reading that.

I just did a quick search on the internet and found this review written by Halliday (on 8 October 2002) about the 2001 vintage –

"Strong colour; spice, black cherry and licorice aromas lead into a spicy, cedary medium-bodied palate, with considerable elegance; there is just a passing question on the amount of oak."

By the way he did rate it 94 out of 100, which in Halliday’s system means “Outstanding. Wines of the highest quality, usually with a distinguished pedigree”. The price guide given on this review was $25. WOW!! I still have at least a dozen left for which I paid no more than $15.

The price a couple of years ago was at around $14 per bottle and the same wine now retails for around $17-$18. However, I have often found it on special for under $15. At $15 it is hard to go past. The later vintages (2002 and 2003) are, I think, not quite as good as the 2001 however still good value and great drinking.

It will be served with pine-nut and breadcrumb encrusted rack of lamb on a pasta base with a tomato and finely chopped rosemary and olive sauce. That is, if I can summon the energy to cook tonight. Karyn and I took our two boys to Mt Glorious for some bushwalking and a picnic lunch. The walk was only a few kilometers but I feel that I have done it twice running backward and forward with the boys and hiding behind the big buttress roots so we could jump out and scare their mother (aren’t boys great?!)

But again I digress - I love the Evans and Tate Margaret River 2001 Shiraz – and, by the way, so does the leader of the opposition! Have you ever tried this wine? Tell me what you thought of it! Have you tried the later vintages?


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