Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Decision Has Been Made

A decision on what to serve over Easter has finally been made!! Mind you I did not get to make it - the 'leader of the opposition' actually informed me what the decision was to be regarding the meal she wants me to prepare.

For my part - the fun part (well it's all really fun) - I can now spend the next few days planning what wines will go with what part of the meal etc. Do I need to go and buy something or do I have it in my current collection? I had better find one in my collection after last weeks foray to Vintage Cellars (see the 'Lamb & Wine' post below). Will it be an Australian or French wine? This sounds really snobby I know but I like to brag as I only have Australian and French wines (and I only have around a dozen French wines - currently - 6 more to come in June when the 2003 Bordeaux En-Primeur arrives at the Wine Emporium - can hardly wait).

For dinner with guests on Saturday evening I will prepare a roast from a whole rib fillet, with a slice running the length of the fillet and penetrating about half way. This will enable me to open up the fillet and place spinach leaves, fetta and semi dried tomatoes inside before closing the fillet again and tying with string.

This is seared (all sides) in a pan on the stove and then placed in a hot oven dish and roasted on 220C for 15 - 20 minutes and then at 180C for another 30 - 40 minutes. Veges are just whole chap potatoes, whole small brown onions (golden eschallots), whole small carrots and 3 -5 whole cloves of garlic all thrown into the pan when the temp is turned to 180C. With about 5 - 10 minutes to go throw in whole mushrooms. If you want to get fancy you can wrap some asparagus spears in pancetta and stuff them with split and deseeded cherry tomatos and chuck them in with the mushrooms - YUM.

Of course you must serve Mal's famous Red Wine Jus - see post below (Red Man! Red Wine Jus) for recipe.

On Sunday evening I will do some breadcrumb and pine nut encrusted lamb racks for just the family. It will be an experiment so I will have to experiment with a new wine that I have not every tried before. This means I will have to go out to look for one - damn!! Any suggestions??


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