Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maglieri 2004 Shiraz

I wonder what is for dinner tonight?? No.......... it is not my turn to cook tonight! What wine to drink? hmmmmmmmm?

Last night we had a bottle of Maglieri 2004 Shiraz - not bad (especially seeing as how it came from the McLaren Vale region - how did you guess that?!). I picked it up on a very short time framed special - online with Vintage Cellars where you got 2 bottles for $20 (ie $10 each) - so I bought 2 dozen!! What a cracker of a price for a good wine!

I will say it again - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND BIG MONEY TO DRINK NICE WINES. If you are prepared to shop and look for specials - there are some beauties! Most of the time I do not have much time to shop around but this one was emailed to me by Vintage Cellars.

Usually I wait for Rob (brother-in-law) to call with any amazing specials. He is always reading all the wine brochures, mail outs etc. We have had a lot of fun over the years tearing around town picking up specials and hunting for a good wine. There are some tricks to it and I hope, in future blogs, to be sharing some of the things we do to ensure we are buying good wines at good prices.

Once, having sampled a bottle, we drove from central Brisbane to Strathpine just to pick up some cleanskins!! These were no ordinary cleanskins they cost around $20-$30 a bottle (I say that because Rob says we paid $20 but I thought it was closer to $30). I still have a couple of these bottles left. We found out they were part of a liquidators clearance stock and the wine was previously labelled and retailing at around $80 per bottle. When we loaded it into the car we just looked at each other and thought "YUM"!

Have fun looking this weekend!


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