Monday, April 10, 2006


Easter is coming up and we are having guests over again. Are you surprised? 'Mmm, what to cook and what wine do I serve with it? These particular guests are expecting red meat - darn it!!

I have been thinking of eyefillet wrapped in pancetta, first seared, then roasted to medium, then sliced and placed on a cake made of mashed potato and parmesan cheese, topped off with some of those cute thin small mushrooms.


Half a rib fillet sliced half way through lengthwise and stuffed with spinach, fetta and semi-drie tomato, tied back together with string, seared and then roasted. All veges are just thrown into the same pan and roasted together with about 5 whole cloves of garlic.

What do you think? Either way I think a nice cabernet sauvignon will go down well - any suggestions? A Penfold's Bin 407??

For just the family (later over the weekend) I am thinking of preparing lamb racks encrusted in breadcrumbs and pine nuts. I have never tried it before but I saw a photo somewhere of it and thought it looked great. I will let you know how I get on. It will have to be a shiraz or a cab sav/shiraz blend. Maybe a Penfolds Bin 28 or 128? Any suggestions are welcome?


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