Monday, April 24, 2006

Great Links!

A little bit of a different slant today! Much of the attractiveness of blogging is its interactivity between bloggers and their readers (via comments etc), but an intereactivity between the blogger and other bloggers (via links to different web or blogsites).

My aim is to try and keep the links that appear on my site relevant, useful and up to date. I link to the sites in the hope that my readers will find them interesting also. The links are found over to the right (just under the subscription box).

The links I currently show are:

The Wine Emporium
Oz Wine Show

The Wine Emporium is linked simply because I believe they are the best truly independent wine store around (at least in Brisbane).

Vinography is a site based out of San Francisco and has some really good articles, like this one (Do Many 2005 Bordeaux Wines Suck?) as a counterpoint to the 2005 Bordeaux Vintage that is being raved about by everyone else. It also has a large number of links to various other wine blogs.

If you have been reading this blog long enough you will know I like the odd drop of shiraz. Shirazshiraz was included almost solely because of its name. Not really! This would be a disservice to the site, as it contains some excellent blogs and information for the grossly undertalented wine amateurs, such as myself.

I love Winetastic for its tasting and reviewing of Australia Wines - many of which I have not tried yet but intend to do so, partly based on some of their recommendations.

One of my favourites is Oz Wine Show. I have listened to their latest podcast and was extremely interested to hear what Matthew Jukes (head wine judge at the Sydney Royal Wine Show) had to say about Australian Wines. This is the sort of stuff you never get to hear unless you are in the industry. Thanks guys!!

I will try to add more interesting links as I find them.




Anonymous Murray said...

Thanks for the mention Mal :)

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