Friday, March 24, 2006

McLaren Vale Shiraz

Even though I have only been drinking wine for 5 or 6 years I am beginning to believe that my favourite Australian wine variety is any Shiraz from the McLaren Vale region. Whilst I love Cabernets and Pinots there something about the Shiraz grown in McLaren Vale.

Shiraz from Barossa, Yarra Valley and even Hunter Valley are wonderful in their plummy or chocolate flavours, however it must be the intense berry flavours that often show through in the McLaren Vale Shiraz that really knock me over. It is not that I dislike any of the others but it is just that I have noticed myself gravitating towards these wines over the last few years.

I do not know the McLaren Vale region - I have never been there! I can't even recall seeing any photographs of it but I do so love the Shiraz that comes from there!

What is your favourite wine variety and from what region - and why do you like it so much?


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