Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wine Course Reds

Sorry for the delay in continuing the notes from the wine course and for the fact that there is no accompanying photos - oops! - I accidentally deleted them.

The second night was RED night - I could hardly wait. I was not disappointed! The first wine we tried was

Main Ridge "Half Acre" Pinot Noir 2004 (Mornington VIC)
It was light red in colour and there were rose petals and cloves on the nose. It smelled 'velvety' (?) - at least that was how I wrote it down at the time. I don't know how something can 'smell' velvety - oh well! There were strong acid, yet the acids were fine or pure (not sure of the correct descriptor)? There was great intensity of flavour that seemed to build after swallowing - if that is possible. VERY enjoyable and would definitely go for this one again.

Boireann Grenache/Mourvedre/Shiraz 2005 (Granite Belt QLD)
It is good to see the there God's country does actually produce the odd decent wine. Whilst a long way behind the other states, Queensland is starting to produce some quality wines. These appear to come mostly from the Granite Belt area.

This wine displayed some green leafy, onion (?), chocolote aromas and chocolate was noticeable on the palate. There were good, but gentle (?) tannins and good intensity of flavourand quite good length. All in all a very good wine and I think would still have some life left in it - good for another 4 or 5 years at least. This is another that I would definitely try again!!

There will be more wines to come in later posts - till then drink well and live well!


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