Monday, July 10, 2006

Orlando 'Gramps' Grenache 2004 (Barossa)

Another one of the Wine society wines received a few weeks ago. I can't recall ever having a straight Grenache before so the 'Gramps' will prove a challenge to taste and score.

Medium to dark red in colour and a stong nose of spicy plum and a touch of alcohol. There were plums on the palate and the tannins were subtle. There was also a hint of too much alcohol which overshadows the fruit a little. I checked the bottle - 14.5%.

Would I buy this again? Probably not! Not an unpleasant wine but I want more!! (see what happens when there is an oversupply of wine and you can pick up really good wine at low prices). Maybe I am hindered by a lack of knowledge of Grenache?

My Rating - 20 point scale = 14.5 - 15. On a 100 point scale = 78-80

(Settle down!!! Until I have heard all of your stunningly well-reasoned theories on scoring, as comments to my last post, and I have given everyone a chance to respond - by 14 July - I will continue to score out of 20 and 100)


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