Saturday, July 01, 2006

Normans 'Old Vine' Cabernet Sauvignon 2002

Saw a recipe on Lifestyle Food Channel - you know one of those 'simply delicious' ones they use as fillers between programs, and are covered in two minutes - for a baked tomato and chorizo pasta. My mouth watered while watching so I thought I would try it!

It is certainly quick, easy and yummy!

Take half a dozen Roma tomatos and halve them lengthwise and place in oven baking dish. Garnish with crushed or diced garlic, salt, pepper, thyme and then drizzle olive oil. Place in 200C oven for 30 minutes.

Dice 150g of chorizo sausage and fry (shouldn't need to add much oil) until crispy whilst at the same time cooking pasta. When sausage done, drain pasta and pour into frypan and toss. Tip in cooked tomatoes and garnish with parmesan cheese and thyme (I forgot the thyme - until I looked at the photos and realised something was missing).

MOST IMPORTANT!! - Drink with good red wine!!

Normans 'Old Vine' 2002
Dark red with plum, ripe berries and hint of chocolate. Good firm tannins and moderate to good length. A good wine that will last a few more years yet.


Anonymous The Wine Commonsewer said...

shouldn't need to add much oil

No doubt, chorizo is a heart attack for breakfast. Or, in your case, for an appetizer. :-)

It surprises me to find chorizo in Australia given that it's a Mexican staple and not easily available outside the SW US.

That stuff kills me, even when well drained. WA must have a cast iron stomach.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Mal said...


Chorizo is everywhere in Aust - we just picked it up at the deli in the local supermarket.

There really has been a big change in Aust eating habits over the last 15-20years. Our diet and dishes have gone very Euro and every deli has dozens of varieties of salami, cabonossi, csabi and ten different varieties of fetta, brie, camenbert and blue cheeses. It is easy to obtain different varieties of olives, sun dried and semi dried tomatoes etc. None of it was available when I was a kid.

It is great!! - for variety - not so great for cholestorol and weight etc. That is why we have to drink a lot of red wine - to conteract all the bad stuff!! (At least that's my excuse)

11:14 AM  
Anonymous The Wine Commonsewer said...

It is truly amazing how much the globe shrinking has accelerated during the last 20 years.

When in Hawaii last week I saw a Mexican deli on Maui.

3:05 PM  

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